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Maybe they hacked stuff into them themselves or they want an exactly predictable behavior. As it's always the same URL we use to download the installer, there is currently no point in using something else as as we can't move back or forward on the versions.

We can only use the one steam. Maybe if they start distributing a buggy version that requires a modified ebuild, we could add something like steam-installer As there is no printing option within the steam client, i think this dependency is not really necessary.

If they have hacked the library, the could state so and we would forget the plan. So, lets see if we get a response. Also i will try to replace the library for testing purposes at the weekend.

Hm, maybe it's hidden somewhere. Print a bill after buying a game or something like this. But if the lib is listed in ldd, we have no choice.

I tried to merge the 3 sources - the ebuild from Thomas, the Wiki and mine - in one ebuild. Mine mostly contains improvements in terms of ebuild writing.

I took the dependencies from the Wiki. As we saw, it is getting confusing what is really required and what is only nice to have.

I think this bug is getting to long if we discuss and vote for everything here. But I don't know if this is recommended by the officials.

Comment 64 Mario Kicherer UTC I assume, removing them from this ebuild depends on whether the client uses the functions in these libs directly or they are only listed by ldd because libX11 is using them.

I'm not sure on this, therefore I asked in gentoo-dev-help but I didn't get an answer so far. Steam overlay with metapackages at o.

Just a quick comment on this: I do believe there indeed is an option to print information of a purchase, at least on the Windows client, so that would be my guess.

I also do think it is a silly dependency to have, since indeed, I personally don't have a printer As a side note, I mentioned this at the forum as well, but it does run with mesa-8 at least when using Intel.

Personally, I don't consider this a blocker because upsteam does not want xfvideo-ati and nouveau feedback at this time and by the time they might be receptive, mesa will probably be 9.

Can somebody confirm fglrx on 64 bit with mesa 8? We should consider doing these game dependancies as a steamdep useflag on the indie games we already have ebuilds.

If there are major deviatations from the the general sets of dependencies, then we can always have a game specific ebuild which depends on the ebuild for the game engine.

Hopefully this mentality can reduce some overhead in the long run and reduce some of the duplicated effort. Yeah, I agree, or well, I see it the same way.

I actually have mesa I figured I'd mention my Intel testing as I saw now mention of it as of yet, but granted, I know very little of the intel-drivers and how they do things.

They provide their own stack of libraries aside from mesa. It does not have to be one single wiki page but for example one page per game. But I think you are right, the steam overlay solution is probably better.

Nvidia and ATI drivers provide their own opengl stacks so mesa is not used at all. The intel drivers use the mesa stack and only mesa9 provides the symbols needed.

I would not be surprised if, after the beta, valve will put something together that all distros can share with the list of deps for each game.

Also if we do make ebuilds they should definitely be per engine as mentioned by someone else, not per game. Almost all games that use eg. If this ends up going in an overlay i'd personally also prefer if the main steam installer would still go in the main portage tree for people that are okay with dealing with deps on their own instead of having to have tons of overlays around just for one package.

If I understand the manual correctly, it is also possible to grant write access to other github users, so does not only depend on me.

If beta is over and we get something stable from Valve, we can think of something new. It currently contains the version from this bug report.

What do you think? Maybe gamerlay will be a better place rather than dedicated steam overlay? CCing gamerlay's owner to this discussion, it would be nice to hear his opinion on that.

Comment 75 Mario Kicherer UTC I would suggest adding the ebuild s to gamerlay if we got something mature. Currently, all is "in flux".

Also, I think the pull requests and their discussion feature comes quite handy in this state. That's what I figured, thanks for confirming it.

Only now I'm confused as to why it works on a little laptop I have with mesa-8 classic does not work at all with mesa-9, and gallium goes to software rasterizer.

Oh well, this is probably not important regarding this bug. I've already added steam ebuild to gamerlay at 7th Nov, so, if anyone want to maintain it — I can ACK gamerlay push access.

If no one else likes to volunteer, I would offer to commit the ebuild we think of as stable from my github to gamerlay and do the testing and discussion on github.

Shall we close this bug for now and move discussion to github? No, there is no resolution on this package yet i mean, about it inclusion to main tree , so bug should not be closed.

I think this should stay open until the beta is over and steam is released publicly at least. Comment 83 Mario Kicherer UTC Okay, I just thought it might be better to start a new bug after beta as much of the info in this bug might be outdated.

Am I right that this is no problem for Gentoo as we do not distribute a modified binary? Since when is that illegal? CC'ed license team just out of interest.

License is already attached and is from the officially published. Assuming that the license pertains to the installer itself. This is not entirely clear to me; the "Program" mentioned in the license could be the client as well.

Please use games. The steam-installer is not much more than a shell script and a tar archive with the minimal steam client.

The only usecase for the installer is to bootstrap the client within the home directory of the user.

Maybe this will change later. The games could not be installed via ebuild, as they are managed by the client. The ebuilds or sets would be needed to provide the dependencies for the games.

Only users in the games group should be able to run game things. You only need to change two things that I can see as a grep: 1.

I'm just stating it as a warning. Judging from the license attached it seems to me as "Program" here includes at least the client as well.

Especially since it talks about "installing the Program", it woudl be a bit daft to refer that way to installing the installer of the client.

Also note that: "By installing the Program, you agree that your future use of the Program will be subject to the terms of the Steam Agreement.

A copy of the Steam Agreement is available at www. The Steam Agreement will be displayed to you when you obtain an account with the Steam service.

It should be included to emul-linux-xxlibs in order to play this game on amd I tried to create new patch but got the same error: emerge steam-installer Calculating dependencies But after updated of ebuild digest with new patch I receive the same error again during emerging.

I'll try and check it again but It's strange that emerge did not apply new patch. Misbakh-Soloviov mva UTC hey, guys! Why don't you all use gamerlay?

Now steam-installer I just forced the switch to Cynede's pull. Guys, I jest repeat: as far as I tested, steam ebuild in gamerlay works just fine.

Why don't you want to use it? Also, are any of the ebuilds in the attachment list obsolete? Also; in an open-source world, forking exists, there's no control over that; although poking doesn't hurt unless you do it too much.

Cynede just forked from anyc, to contribute some patches. Cynede steam-overlay: DIST steam. The latter works. I just forced-added that version of steam-overlay and I do not get any issues pulling the patches nor the installer.

Uhm, okay, I just reemerged steam without refetching. The new one was released Nov 29th and Cynene was right on-top of it.

So maybe it worth to add information message to ebuild that now user must run "steam" to install it to his home-dir and after that overwrite appropriate file, but without any prompt about "sudo" asking passwords.

Or just replace it with information message about necessity to replace this file by new one after installation to user home-directory? I don't know does it available to install steam by any other user of local machine after such final replacing?

Both things done. By the way, I can also ask for W-rights for Cynede. I pulled the patch from cynede, thanks for that! Discussion is appreciated.

I added my own comments on that, and I'm following the thread. Since it does use sudo and rightfully so , two things are needed.

Most of those devs are accustomed to full, unchecked access in Windows and Mac, they will need to find a proper solution for this tiny part of their project.

Thank you. But I even don't know what is your irc channel : Comment Vadim A. It took error in console about absence of zenity, but I ignore it.

But Steam Client installed successfully via steam-installer I alredy has invitation so I make login. Now client ask to take account in Hardware Survey and collect information about my system and hardware I was agree.

And now client successfully starts. Displaying 'Limbo' is error - it has no linux native client. After closing.

And after that I also can test my webcam microphone. With pulseaudio it continues on and brings up the store.

I don't know what's happening with the mic though since I've never used it and as far as I can see it is not working in alsa right now. I might try to make it work one day.

If you're on amd64 maybe they're included in emul-linux-xsoundlibs? Good riddance to pulseaudio though, it was keeping sound from working in everything else Comment Mario Kicherer UTC Comment on attachment [ details ] steam-installer Please take a look into the Wiki, gamerlay or steam-overlay for instructions, up-to-date ebuilds and discussion about deps.

I can confirm this. Using inefficient fallback Installing this library which is multilib solves this but the game isn't running any faster which is a separate issue.

We have this lib as "testing" dependency since 2 weeks in steam-overlay and since a few days, also in the gamerlay ebuilds.

If you miss further deps, please also take a look at our ebuilds and the wiki. That's right, I've missed this USE flag. It should be enabled conditionally depending on video driver in use though.

Yes, I only saw it in the Archwiki and added it to the optional list, as no one confirmed it yet. Since I'm in the beta, I didn't had the opportunity to test the games as I can only use a crappy hotel wifi for now.

In the latter case, I would add it with a distinguishable use-flag. I have no idea. Cogs was the first game to tell me about this. I also played World of Goo, and it wasn't complaining about S3TC and was running pretty smoothly —either they don't need it at all or they fall back silently.

As I understand it's just one of compression algorithms which games are free to use if they want, but it is not a necessity. Do you want to bother maintaining a comprehensive list of games using S3TC?

We can wait a bit to find out something about S3TC and other games, though. I've got a bunch of games I haven't even installed yet.

If it is not required by everyone then it should imho be conditional gentoo ftw ;. I modified the steam-meta ebuild accordingly.

I will also update gamerlay if no one reports a problem after some time or someone anticipates me. Thank you!

I guess you're right. For example I try to start Demo of "The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles" and it wanted to install "ialibs" as it check via dpkg-status is it installed.

I edit start script of game and remove this checking section and then try start again. I download and replace it in game directory with one of libogre It was strange that with the same lib from 1.

So, I don't really know what to do now. I definitely don't want to setup a chroot. So, playing with multilib-portage is the only answer? I have not tested it, but crossdev might be an option: "You need 32 bit library on a 64bit system and don't want to build a complete chroot environment.

But a week later I uninstall and delete all steam directories and "steam. But this "workaround" is not sufficient as people can by the game on steam without having access to the.

Have any licensing issues been cleared up? I'm using amd64 hardened. I've just installed steam from overlay gamerlay by emerging package steam-meta.

Of course, it won't start because of hardened, I've expected that. I'll report this issue to steam's bugtracker on github too, but keeping in mind how other vendors like skype spend years to fix something related to hardened I think we should find a way to patch it for hardened ourselves.

Comment Matthew Thode prometheanfire UTC In reply to comment We are adding xattr pax flags soon, this will allow us to specify the pax flags without modifying the binary and fix the self inspecting exec issue where it thinks it's been compromised.

Comment Ryan UTC heres what i did to get steam working fully. If so, which ones have you tried and why do you consider them to fail?

It has worked for others as well; so, we don't need to start from scratch. The major bug is that you now have software on your computer that is not tracked by Portage in any way; you'll end up having problems in the long run like dependency issues, while you could not choose to upgrade to avoid that that would put you at a security risk.

The main goal of sets is to use them when you want to group packages, but are not to be used for the dependencies of a single package; while you can, you're making things more complex than necessary.

Please can you update them? Thanks Thank you for comment. Don't use version I suggest to mask it back and use usual version.

Comment Sergey Torokhov UTC Recently I uninstall december ebuild of early December of steam-installer from Cynede overlay and try to install Steam from "gamerlay" overlay.

With "Cynede" Steam client the game Trine2 started without any warning-information message such as "Trine 2 Launcher script Unidentified Linux distribution.

If you have problems running the game, please see the game support web site for more info and ensure you have the required libraries installed.

First, start by checking if some library requirements are met This automation is currently supported on Ubuntu What could be reason for such difference of behaviour?

Maybe you can create the lsb-release file on your own if you want to get rid of the message but I don't know if that might cause trouble.

As this script is not controlled by portage we cannot patch it to accept Gentoo either. It doesn't seem to prevent Steam from updating or otherwise working, but it does produce and annoying error message.

I can only find steamdeps. That being said, this looks like the start of what we need to consider properly resolving dependencies. I played around with an own steamdeps script in the steam overlay as the steam version concentrates on dpkg.

I did not include it in newer versions as the steamdeps. I'd say it only helps to keep the meta ebuilds up-to-date.

But I will take another look if this has changed. If this has already been evaluated, don't bother adding more effort for now. I do not believe it has changed suddenly, it is my impression that they want the game makers to start using it, but it is not very substantial right now.

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